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Stan Tyminski Rustic Blue



When Talking about traditional bluegrass music and the business part of the whole scene, Stan Tyminski Jr. has dedicated his whole life to the bluegrass field. Starting at an early age, he took his brother Dan (who is currently working with Allison Krauss & Union Station) and formed a very successful New England band Called Green Mountain Bluegrass. Together they achieved many of both their long and short-term goals. Stan has now gone on his own, after a short vacation from the music business. He and his band Rustic Blue have already had some great success in their short-term goals.



Stan Tyminski & Rustic Blue is very interested in expanding as a full time band, and would appreciate any help in future bookings at festivals, or shows, that will help them to their long-term goals.

Thanks for your time and interest in the band.