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Rustic Blue's Sound Clips

To listen to the files you'll have to have either Windows Media player 6.0 or
a RealAudio and/or Mp3 player installed on your system. They are only about 1 minute
cuts so they shouldn't take too long to load.

To obtain the free players follow these links:

Mp3 for Windows
Mp3 for Macintosh

1.I Won't Hold You Any More   RealAudio     Mp3
(Stan Tyminski)	

2. Waltzing in Heaven                  RealAudio     Mp3   
(Stan Tyminski)	

3. High Dry and Lonesome         RealAudio     Mp3  
(Chad Darou)

4. Standoff At Ironsides                            RealAudio      Mp3
(Chad Darou)